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 Savage 2 (free RTS/FPS hybrid game)

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PostSubject: Savage 2 (free RTS/FPS hybrid game)   Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:17 am

Might be a bit dated to some but this is pretty new to me.


Independent game developer S2 Games have released a free hybrid rts/action mmo which quite frankly owns imo. I've only played a few games so far and I must say the experience is very unique. It basically puts you in place of any old starcraft or warcraft sprite, but in a real time lushly scenic and all to chaotic battlefield. Each team is composed of a top commander, squad leader captains, followed by remaining grunts. The classes are balance and have their own niche on the battlefield. Humans vs Beast are the two options and the main website monitors the winning ratio between the two races on the top banner. Clans and clan matching is of course supported. The learning curve while steep-looking at first isn't all that bad. There is however a vast room for strategy development. I've been getting my ass handed to me repeatedly but i've managed to get some good end game stats on a few battles. I usually play "beginner east US" server where if you fuck up you're less likely to be called out on it, basically its a learning ground for everyone including novice commanders.

I dont usually write free reviews for a game, but this a dope indy game if I ever saw one, so much so that I'd like to personally support it. Its about 1 gig to download, does require some beastly hardware to have medium effects on, but best of all its completely FREE. You can pay a measley one time 10 bucks to access all player stats and some other tidbits, but all in all I'd say its worth checking out. Maliken Rulz
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Savage 2 (free RTS/FPS hybrid game)
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