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 To Random or Not to Random

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PostSubject: To Random or Not to Random   To Random or Not to Random Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 12:40 am

Faith-away wrote:
I'm starting to think when we start games, rather than going random, we elect 2 team captains and pick teams Street Ball style (we used to do this for games of Weapons Factory...a Quake3 Mod) and it works very well if people swallow their egos and don't get all pissy if they get picked last. Of course, you can't have the team captains duel for first pick...which kind of sucks.
Of course, random works too because as long as the people playing know how to play, it doesn't matter how good they are. Versus only sucks for me when I'm on a team where either people don't know what they are doing, or don't have mics...which REALLY sucks. Sometimes I like being on the team being steamrolled because hilarity often ensues.
Kristy wrote:
that is an interesting idea faith. how are team captains picked? like is it a rotation, or alphabetical and once we get through the list we start again, or just some random nightly thing. i think its worth a try. and i am willing to suck it up cause i know i will be packed last Smile i just hope that by the good graces of the team captains, they will put me and nova on the same team every now and then because we never are. or put me on a team with gurtman because he is just damn fun to play with!
After having my ass razed tonight I'm leaning towards trying the captain thing. Its not just skill, either, that factors into team composition - whether folks use their mic, communicate useful information, and have experience with the game count too. Heck if my cousin did play with us tonight he would have seriously handicapped his team and left the match without a huge desire to play anytime soon (he never played LFD before, doesn't have a headset and he's an average FPS player). In a perfect world he should be teamed with better, more experienced players so he could learn from them and so he could handicap that team a bit. But on Random, anyone could get "stuck" with him. It's something to think about.
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PostSubject: Re: To Random or Not to Random   To Random or Not to Random Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 2:21 am

Quote :
Team captains are purely based on skill. It makes sense to either have 2 fairly skilled people be captains or 2 fairly not skilled be captains. That will create even teams. If you go alphabetically, you risk getting one really good person and 1 really not so good person as captains, thereby unbalancing the teams immediately.
But I want to stress, this only works if people don't get mad that they picked last all the time....otherwise it no longer becomes fun and everyone gets all pissy.
To tell you the truth, I'm fine with random as long as people realize the teams are really unfair and we vote to go in the lobby like what happened earlier tonight.

That's what I said in the other thread.

I think that random is fine in most cases that we restart the game when it's obvious one team is horribly unbalanced. However, I think it's also important that people don't take advice the wrong way and are willing to listen. That's what makes you a better player. I would seriously suck if I never listened to people talk about good places to be a Smoker, or how to play as a Hunter, etc. Unfortunately, no one has taught me how to be an effective Tank yet Smile.
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To Random or Not to Random
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