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 Tips for Playing as Tank

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PostSubject: Tips for Playing as Tank   Tips for Playing as Tank Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 6:37 pm

Getting to play as the tank can be very satisfying when you incap all 4 survivors, it can also be frustrating as hell when you don't even get 1 swing in before being killed or burned. Here's some tips as the tank:

- Take your time. Are the other infected dead and not respawned? Wait for them. You especially want a boomer to get some of them. If you are far enough from the survivors, punch a car or fallen tree to keep your control meter full. If you do lose control, another infected will take over. If the survivors threw a molotov at a choke point but didn't get you, wait until the flames go out.

- Wait for you to spawn before pressing movement keys. Nothing worse than spawning as a tank on No Mercy finale to immediately fall off the roof. I know Faith and I have both done that.

- Do they have any molotovs? Press the tab key to see if any of the survivors have a molotov icon in their inventory. If they don't have molotovs and don't have Tier2 weapons, go for it especially if the other 3 infected are spawned and ready.
If they do have molotovs, wait to see if your teammates can boom/jump the ones that do have it.

- Punch the alarmed car. These are just outside the safehouses on No Mercy 1 and No Mercy 2. Somehow the alarm doesn't go off when a tank punches it 100 ft away. If you knock it towards the survivors chances are one of them will shoot it setting it off. That horde will help you catch the survivors.

- Punch any car size or smaller object. Again these can be used to slow/incap the survivors. While your goal is all the survivors dead/incapped, you don't have to do it yourself. You flinging cars at them gets them split up and leaves them open to your teammates.

- Climb the buildings - Again this is most applicable on No Mercy 1 and 2 if you spawn near the safehouse. Did the survivors throw a molotov in the alleyway to block your path? Climb over the building and jump down. Climb through a window on No Mercy 2 rather than going through the front door.

- On Fire? IF you're on fire, you've got 30 seconds. No more waiting or toying around. Try to concentrate on whoever is closest. If you can incap that person, hopefully a hunter will pounce him and kill him.

- Don't punch pounced or pulled Survivors - Chances are you will not only free the victim but kill your teammate as well. Chase after the other survivors giving your teammate that much more time to finish off their victim.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Playing as Tank   Tips for Playing as Tank Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 6:47 pm

Great write up Smuggler!

  • Also, remember that there is a slight delay when swinging/punching with the tank - so GET IN CLOSE to ensure you get a hit.

  • Split up the team - the further apart you can knock each survivor, the better the odds are that your other zombie team members can incap the remaining players.
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Tips for Playing as Tank Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tips for Playing as Tank   Tips for Playing as Tank Icon_minitimeWed Jan 07, 2009 3:25 pm

Here's a minor one: When punching survivors, aim a little higher on their body. I found that when I'm being chased by a Tank, I can usually time my jumps to avoid getting hit if the Tank is aiming a bit low.
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Tips for Playing as Tank Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tips for Playing as Tank   Tips for Playing as Tank Icon_minitime

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Tips for Playing as Tank
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